Mate in a Gilded Cage (Wengreya Mates, Prequel)

All Laura wanted was freedom—and one hundred miles between her shattered mind and the mental institution she’d been locked in for the past eighteen months. So when a storm sends her crashing in her Dove-form onto a trigger-happy human’s porch, she can’t help but wonder what she did to earn this much bad luck.

The gilded cage the human keeps trying to shove her into is not helping matters.

She refuses to trade one cage for another.

If only the warm-hearted human stopped making her question her resolve.


All Austin wanted was peace—and a chance to jumpstart the deadened piece of meat in his chest. Life has taught him emotions weaken, but feeling anything, yes, even the agony that sent him packing to the secluded cottage deep in the heart of Texas, has got to be better than living his life in limbo.

Someone up there must’ve heard him, because the temperamental Dove that crashed into his life has got his emotions swinging back and forth like a damned pendulum.

If only she’d stop trying to escape.

Read to find out what will happen when Austin discovers “Birdie” is more than just his extraordinary pet.

Mate on the Run (Wengreya Mates, Book 1)

Chelsea Swanson has been looking forward to finding her mate all her life. In fact, the Dove shifter has secretly been hoping a certain amber-eyed wolf who smells like rain and pine would be her one.

When her dreams finally come true, she doesn’t expect it to be the worst day of her life.

Now she wants nothing to do with mates and fate and Harvey North.


“…I’m never going to accept my supposed mate’s Calling. Simple as that.”

Harvey North has been dreading the day he finds his mate. The thought of pledging his undying love to a woman fate deems worthy makes him sick to his stomach. No one can tell him what to do, especially some woman he didn’t choose for himself.

When his little sister’s best friend—the woman he least expects to be his—overhears him spewing hateful garbage, he loses her. And doesn’t even know it.

When he finds out the truth, he’ll do everything in his power to prove to her he wants her. Needs her.

And no one will stand in his way.

Not even the human she’s agreed to marry.