About Gaeille

I’m a romance-obsessed, fun-loving Piscean living in often sunny South Africa. I spend my days creating new worlds at my computer or indulging in juicy romance novels—all while wrestling a super demanding day job.

I’ve made a living as a bookkeeper, a sales agent, and a project coordinator, but my all-time favorite occupation is being a writer. I LOVE BOOKS. Everything about them. The way they look, the way they smell, the way a writer’s imagination breathes the extraordinary into an otherwise ordinary clump of words. Even if aliens abducted me tomorrow, I can’t see myself ever giving this up.

I’m a proud member of ROSA (Romance writers Organization of South Africa), and my favorite genres to read and write are contemporary, sci-fi/futuristic, and paranormal.

Give me a growling Alpha and his sassy heroine, and I’ll love you forever!